1 Hr Psychic Reading With Rev Adam

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A Psychic Reading with REV. Adam Lee!

$_57He has guided people to there light and truth for over 17 years. He is a Clairsentient and has a combination of other ability’s. For example he is also Claircognizant. Rev. Adam loves to help others and has in a way always been a self realized psychic and healer. He was helping people from all over the U.S from a young age.

Clairsentient “clear feeling” – people with Clairsentient ability are the feelers, the empaths. People who have this feel their spirits guidance in their heart. So you may feel the vibration of their name or what their name means.
Claircognizant “clear knowing” – people with Claircognizant have a knowing about things. For many strong in this ability it feels like knowledge pours into them.Pleas Book your appointment after making your payment ty. You Can Do This by clicking on the Schedule a appointment button. Ty