Come to Me Soap 4oz

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Come To Me Soap

  Used to help Attract a lover into ones life. This soap formula ( come to me) is a blend of floral scents and musky patchouli essential oils. Working from the basic ingredients. We have perfected our version to provide optimum effect. Relax and visualize your perfect mate using this soap. And you may be surprised to see how it comes to you. Soap is 4oz by weight  and is formed into a round disc shape. formulated to be a light exfoliator and moisturizer our soap will leave you felling refreshed.

Come To Me Products

This line of products is formulated to help bring your lover new or other to you. It is known to improve your own natural attractiveness. Our come to me formula is made using old time herbs and essential oils. We offer this line of product in a variety of forms. Come to me formulas are flowery and sweet with a little hint of muskiness. Positive mind brings positive manifestations.

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